Favorite Memories

Today an old friend (my brother’s best friend through high school) sent me a message on facebook. Its his journal entry from a night where me and my friends and my brother, Drew, and his brother Quinn went after each other. I love reminiscing! I’m so glad he sent me this. It was one of my favorite adventures of my youth…here’s the entry (keep in mind this is from Drew’s point of view)

Subject: December 1, 1995

Do you remember that day?
I was going through my old journals and I found this entry that I thought you would enjoy.

… At around midnight Travis found out his sister was going T.P.ing with her friends. So we went to her friend’s house to follow them to where they were T.P.ing and then nab them. Well we followed a little but then lost them so we got some T.P. and went to T.P. there house while they were TPing. When we finished we waited for them to come back and see their reaction. Well they came back and we sped off and when we got back to my house, they had TP’d me. So we got some Kool Aid and went back to dump it on their lawn to turn their grass red. Well they were waiting and they started chasing us. Quinn was in the back of the Pathfinder squirting our Super SOaker at them. This went on for hours. We would lose them, then coax them some more. We were speeding all over the place. Finally we came back to my house to call it off. We took the others home and started cleaning up my yard. Well Travis and I parked out cars down the street to keep them from doing anything to our cars. Well they came back and drove by . After a while I decided to check on our cars and when I did I saw two of them sneaking through somebody’s front yard. So I opened my car and got out a pillow case. Then walked up to one of them who turned out to be Travis’s sister Lexy. She was now just walking down the street. Then when I got close enough she flung ketchup at me from one of a big bottle she was carrying. Well, I just grabbed her and put the pillow case over her head and led her back to my house where we tied her to the mailbox. Then every time her friends tried to get her back, we would hose them down. We finally got tired of it all and let Lexy go. We are now through and it’s about 4:00 in the morning.

That was a fun night.

Keep in mind that was just six months after my dad passed away. Sometimes the best way to find happiness is to toilet paper someone’s house.

Thanks Drew for the memory.

3 thoughts on “Favorite Memories

  1. That is so great! haha sounds like a blast! 🙂 I smiled the whole time I read it because I can totally picture this whole story playing out. I’m positive you drenched this poor boy in ketchup. Yay Lexi!

  2. I was about to congratulate you on finally writing a post, but then I noticed that I wrote it. Keep writing. Oh, and LEslie, Lexi didn’t have that great of aim. Hardly any got on me, and when I got her tied to the mailbox and confiscated the ketchup, guess who really got drenched in ketchup.

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