I love to see the temple…

This is when Jenn Carter (more than friends- they are family to us) was bringing home her new baby from Utah- they adopted the most beautiful bright eyed (you should see her smile!) little girl, named Nyckel. This was also only 9 months after she had her son, Haeden. She’s been busy.

Flash forward several months-

Today Nyckel was sealed to the rest of her family.
It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. This is the second so-close-they-become-family friend that we’ve been able to witness beings sealed to their adopted child. It’s truly a miracle. Nyckel looked as if she knew exactly what was going on.

She probably did.

What a wonderful thing it is that families can be together forever. I thought a lot about that in the temple today. I’m so grateful that my boys (husband included) and I are going to be together forever.

I’m so grateful for the Carter’s and the wonderful example they are to us. It’s hard on us that we don’t get to see our families because we’re so far away- but it’s so great to feel like we have family here.I’m especially grateful for Jenn. She’s just as good as they come- a friend who even though life is pretty busy, will still gladly bend over backwards for anyone else. A friend that I can talk to like a sister. I’m grateful for their sweet, smart and funny little 6 year old, Camden, who is one of Carter’s closest friends. He’s one amazing boy. A few months ago after Carter had given a talk in Primary, I look over to see Camden holding both his thumbs up at Carter. That’s totally Camden. I’m grateful for his example for Carter, as well as my other boys. He’s so good about trying to include Casey and Peyton in the things they do when he’s over at the house. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore that boy.

I absolutely love them. I’m sad they moved out of the ward, but soooo glad they aren’t far.

Congrats to the Carter’s!

5 thoughts on “I love to see the temple…

  1. You are the sweetest! If I ever had a good example of service it would be you! Thank you for sharing all of these experiences with us, sometimes they are more than can really be described. And a half marthon? How in the world did that start I want to hear all about it. Wow! That is inspirational. Glad I came upon your blog again. I haven’t been on any blogs in a looooong time but wanted to show my sister your vinyl and then checked into your blog. Thank you again for being there!

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