Now I have to do it.

I genuinely like to keep things that are hard at a distance. I really feel like my trials can come from existence- this life is a time for such things- and that I’d do my best getting through those and not add to them myself. But now I have to.

I’m running a half marathon in April.

Why a trial? Because I DON’T WANT TO RUN. I hate the treadmil. Please, why can’t I go three miles on an elliptical with a good magazine and a promised tan at the end? I wouldn’t complain about that. Low impact. Not so hard. Fun, almost.

My sister Shelby had cancer. That was hard. She didn’t ask to go through that. And then she gets better (that sentence was way too short for such a ”comeback” or whatever you call someone like Shelby who laughs and loves and makes you want to be better through surviving cancer-kind of experience, yet here we are)- (and look, another set of parenthesis. I don’t know how to use regular forms of interjections. by ‘better’ I mean free of cancer, she still had to deal with the side effects from the chemo and radiation) and what does she do? She starts running. Really running. Her chest hurt from the radiation to it, so what does she do? She runs? Huh? I’d get back in bed.

Running is hard. I still have that dang pain in my side. I don’t want to do things that are hard. Then when I was sick, I realized that I didn’t have any clue as to what shelby went through with the cancer, the chemo and the radiation- and not just physically. And though we wouldn’t have known it by what she said or did, it must have been really hard. So here I am. If shelby can do what she did. I can run a half marathon with her. It’s for lymphomia and for country fans. Odd mix, but okay.

And now that I’ve written this, there are a few of you (that get on here for the text as well as the pictures) that can hold me to it. That, and my sister Melanie and the little gizmo I have to go pick up at Target tomorrow that will show her how much I’ve ran.

I can do hard things. Even those of my own choice. Life isn’t about getting through what we’re given, it’s doing the best with what we have.

11 thoughts on “Now I have to do it.

  1. you exaggerate. it was a slow jog. I’m so excited you are doing this!! I can’t wait. what a fun weekend that will be – besides the running part.

  2. Lexi I think it is so awesome you’re doing it! It makes me so excited! I hope you guys don’t mind that I’m tagging along. It sounds too fun to pass up. 🙂

  3. First off – is Katie a starfish?? Did she really knock herself up? But then Travis knocked her up before so actually she is practicing heterogamy now? Weird. Anyhoo. You posted this 28 days ago and haven’t posted a run. You better get moving girl or else I’m going to get on here every day and tell the whole world that you haven’t moved yet. GO GO GO. You can do it!

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