some of my favorite things about Casey

  1. Casey does not lie. If he sneaks a treat and you ask him what he’s eating, he’ll tell you “frosting”‘ or whatever.
  2. Casey listens to his body. When most kids want to stay up late even if they’re tired, Casey gets tired, immediately says “go to bed” and does it.
  3. He doesn’t whine. He either gets horribly angry, or is indifferent. I hate whining.
  4. He has an incredible ability to memorize things. He memorizes everything. He knew his letters and their sounds and numbers by the time he was three- and this was when he was barely talking.
  5. Despite the diagnosis, he’s very very affectionate. He loves to cuddle in with me in the morning, and loves to hold my hand- but will only do it if we’re interlocking fingers.
  6. He’s a PERFECT judge of character. Casey takes immediately to good people. I think he’s very in tune with the spirit.
  7. I love his giggle. The other day we were sledding down our hill and he let out this laugh that was almost like his soul breaking free of his body. It was amazing.
  8. When I get home from somewhere, he runs to the door yelling “mommy!” there was a time that I was so afraid that he’d never say my name. It’s music to my ears.
  9. He sings. A lot. He sings in the car, he sings when he plays with his toys, he sings when he rides home on the bus. I love his singing.
  10. Whenever I call his name he answers with ‘yehhhhheeeehhhsssss”
  11. he’s mine.

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