6 thoughts on “beautiful boy

  1. Can I just say that picture TOTALLY captures the happy spirit of “Caso”! Holy cow! Miss that kid! Give him a big squeeze for his auntie!!

  2. This is Sara Bosler’s mom–Hi! I love that picture! So many of us have beautiful boys–mine is stuck inside a troubled young man right now. I pray that I can see him as he was and truly is–as God’s beautiful son, adored and loved.You must be a special Mom to be able to capture your son’s spirit like that. How can we get Sara into your family so I can hang out too??

  3. Hi Sara’s Mom! I can’t get to your profile (or blog, if you have one) so I’m writing you back here. I was just talking tonight with my friends about Sara (one of my friends brother is going to BYU Hawaii right now) and telling them how I’m trying everything I can to get her to be (legally? EternallY? whatever you’d call it- my kids just know her as one of their aunts) in my family. Hopefully Logan can get it together enough to see what an amazing catch she is. Magnusson boys are hard. I’d love to chat with you some time. Email me! alexis_magnusson@yahoo.com

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