Turns out there are more of you here than you say…

After seeing all of my extended family, I have come to learn that there a lot of people out there being bored…by me.

I’m sorry. Really. I wish I was funny or Witty or had a life that was funny or Witty all by itself. I don’t know why you still stop by. Maybe that’s why no one says they were here. Too embarrassed. Like spending time in a crawl space.

Today’s Story:

So my Carter goes to his (almost crazy) great grandmother on Lance’s side- the amazing Grandma Rose and says, “did you know my brother has autism? That means he…” then the pause- just enough time for my heart to swell with enormous pride thinking he was going to say any number of things we’ve tried to teach him about why Casey is different… then after thinking Carter says, “that means he’s obnoxious.” Perfect.

I’d post fat pictures of myself but I don’t have any loaded up. Don’t tell me that some of you don’t show up at other peoples sites or facebooks or whatever to see if they’ve totally let themselves go.

I’d post cute pictures of Halloween, but alas, I’m at the inlaws…and have just gotten caught. Dang.

8 thoughts on “Turns out there are more of you here than you say…

  1. I’m not bored by you Lexi, I’d been anxiously waiting for your next post. :)It was so good to see you. I wish I could’ve had more time to talk with you. I can’t tell you how happy it made me that Casey remembered me. I love that boy.

  2. What? When did you see Sarah B? Why didn’t I?? I love that you got “caught” and what Carter said. Classic. We love and miss you. Move here already.

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