7 thoughts on “THE jackets

  1. I just can’t believe that is Casey. He is so BIG! I love that their new jackets and I LOVE that your prayers were answered and lastly I LOVE that you are my friend and that I can call you sobbing and I LOVE how you sit and listen and dispense sound advice. Heck…I just LOVE YOU!

  2. Logan and I never realized how much Caso is his mama’s boy! Maybe it’s the long dark hair, but man, that boy looks like a price! What a cutie!!!!

  3. Yes, you are right. The one in blue jacket should have to do haircut and the other one in green jacket has his cap on his eye. So,he should have to put the cap on his head not on eyes.But I liked the jackets of both boys.This type of jacket is good because of attached cap with it.

  4. Now a days, people wear jackets for fashion. Some jackets are fashionable while others serves as protective clothing.People generally wear jackets in winter because of cold. There are various types of jackets available in the market.The jackets which these two boys have worn above are type of shell jackets which are light weight and water resistant. These type of jackets provide a single layer of protection against the effects of moisture and wind. Shells jackets can be used alone in mild temperatures or worn over soft shells or fleece in harsher weather. These jackets are best for those customers who prefer to build customized layers for specific activities.

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