Prayers are answered

I need to make a separate page for these, because things like this happen every day.

On one especially cold day last week I pulled out my boys jackets to find that they were all WAY too small. I sent them off to school in jackets that looked like puffy 3/4 length shirts. The rest of the day I thought of ways we could come up with the extra money needed for new jackets for the boys. We aren’t using our credit cards anymore and there just isn’t anything extra with me going to physical therapy 2x a week, gas, another car payment etc- that isn’t to say that we don’t have all of our every day needs met- and for that alone we are extremely blessed, but right this minute we don’t have much for the extras. I felt prompted to pray. So I did. Yesterday I got the mail and in it was a refund from one of our doctor’s offices. They had overcharged us. Jacket money.

I’m so grateful for prayer.

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