Why I don’t amaze me.

You know, it’s really something that I think I’m something if I survive my husband being gone for 32 hours (four of those the kids were asleep for!) and not have the house burn down or any major act of demolition or abuse occur. What has happened to me? I used to plan major projects for when my husband would be gone. (I get a lot less hums and haws about it when I do it by myself) These boys are BUSY! They don’t stop. I thought it would be easier as they got older. Turns out that they’re getting older just means that they can run faster, hit walls and each other harder and make bigger messes. They don’t have to climb to reach the top shelf anymore, though.

I’m grateful for the time I get with my boys alone. Without witnesses.

3 thoughts on “Why I don’t amaze me.

  1. =) Bring your boys to Utah and I’ll hang out with them so you can go play or project or do whatever you want to do. They are such cute boys! Busy, I’m sure, but so super cute. I want a boy that looks exactly like Peyton. Can you clone him for me?

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