13 thoughts on “some of my cards

  1. would you be interested in making cards for $2.50/ea? Could you make a profit? My brad lady could use cards that are this cute. She would send you the brads…. way cute, boo.

  2. Lexi your cards are like works of art! I love it!You are one talented lady!Oh and off the cards for one moment, I was reading your profile about being the mother to 3 “beautiful” boys. I’d also use the word pretty! They are so dang handsome!

  3. You should look into selling your stuff on Etsy. It is a place to buy or sell anything that is handmade. You should check out their website it is http://www.etsy.com. You could sell your cards as well as your vinyl stuff. Totally cute by the way!!!

  4. Hey Shelb,I’m sending you most of these cards. They’re for you, but if that chick would pay me… even if it were just in products. I could totally turn a profit. I’m not really talented. I’m just good at copying.

  5. Lex your cards are the best. I am down to my last two and I can’t bare to part with them. I hope you get my name again for Christmas this year!

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