It’s been a really hard couple of weeks for me. The pain persists and is worse than ever because I’m not taking anywhere close the amount of medicine I have in the past. I had another test this week to see if I had a fracture in my sacrum- but it came back negative. It’s almost been two years since this pain started and they still aren’t sure where it’s coming from. I’ve prayed from the beginning for the doctors to figure out how to ‘fix’ me and I felt like my prayers weren’t being answered.

Sunday morning I had been praying just to have a little more peace and for some assurance that if nothing else, my prayers were heard. Right before we left for church our Young Women’s President called and asked if for their activity on Wednesday if they could come help me at my home. It was all I needed to hear. I’ve been pretty much laid up for the last two weeks and my house is a wreck. It hurts to bend over and my kids are much faster than I am. I’ve been having my little babysitter come over and help, but the amount of time we’ve had her over had exhausted that budget. I know it seems like something so silly, but this was HUGE for me. It was Heavenly Father’s way of telling me that my needs, no matter how trivial, are known. That He’s there, and that though I haven’t received the answer I’m looking for with this pain thing, He’s going to get me through.

I’m grateful for this Gospel. I’m grateful to know that I have help on days that I know I can’t do by myself. I’m grateful for my husband and dear boys who remind me to pray. I know that one way or the other, things will work out for my benefit.

8 thoughts on “blessings

  1. I am sorry that the test came back negative. I know you were hoping and praying that the doctors would finally have some answers for you. Thank you for reminding me that prayers aren’t always answered in big and obvious ways. And for reminding me that sometimes subtle answers are all we need in a given moment. I love you and wish more than anything I could be there to hug you and tell you somehow things will be okay. And if that didn’t work I would come up with some really inappropriate thing to say that would generate a little laughter (one of my many talents).

  2. Lex – I am so sorry too that this thing is lasting sooo long. I love you and am glad that Heavenly Father is at least helping to ease the burdens put on your back.

  3. Sometimes I think He doesn’t take the big things because He still wants us to learn something, but He takes the little things to remind us He is there. I love you. I wish I could do more than pray.

  4. Oh Lexi, I am sorry too! I know how hard things have been for you and pray for you all the time!Just remember you are surrounded by people who love you and are here for you!

  5. Lexi! It’s weird but I was thinking about you during my crazy day today. I’ve thought about you a lot, but hadn’t done anything about it. I vowed that when I got home I would find one way or another to look you up… To me it is a miracle that I found you. I miss you and I love you. It’s been years and I continue to think about you and your sweet spirit often. Your family is beautiful! Miss You!-Bre Echols (Vaden)

  6. You are an amazing woman with great faith. Thank you for sharing your personal struggles, I think we all wish we could do more to help you through this. …..You are loved and looked up to in many ways.

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