13 thoughts on “BREAKING DAWN REVIEW

  1. AMEN to that!!! But I do have one question that has been lurking in the back of my mind…what happens when Jacob and Nessie finally do “IT” (now folks I am not suggesting he does “IT” now but when Nessie is full grown…whatever that means). But say they do do IT and Nessie becomes pregnant. What kind of baby would that turn out to be?? Part human, part vampire, part werewolf? I can just picture it….a human baby with a full set of teeth and fur covering 85% of her body. Seem unrealistic? Don’t count my theory out because in Miss Meyers world anything is possible! Sorry for the rant!

  2. ok so sorry it stinks to read a bad book when you SO want it to be good.I need to borrow Twlight. I have not read it and they are reading it for book club. I asked Pam C. but I am not sure if she will bring it on Sunday or not. Can I borrow?

  3. i lent it to heidi justice- but I imagine she’s done with it by now, it’s an easy read. I have the rest of the books too. the first one really does hook you-

  4. well you are an angry bear! 🙂 haha i personally thought the first two were worse. the writing is boring and yes the first one hooks you but bella has no personality and she’s someone i would never want to hang out with. but in the 3 there was action and in the breaking dawn it drug on but i personally like a happy ending! 🙂 but yeah it was a bit to predictable. they should have killed someone. at least rosealie. or even someone good.

  5. I was disappointed too. Not to the same degree, but definitely let down. I thought it was just me ‘cuz I am sick. Guess not. Sorry you can’t get the hours back:(.

  6. oooh wow. I think I’m going to start another blog about all of my rants. This was nothing. You should hear how I feel about Hillary Clinton.

  7. I’m glad I made Lexi tell me all about it and skipped this last installment of Stephani Myer’s pathetic fantasies. I was hoping that Bella would get it – and I mean dead in a really violent , horrible way and that everyone would be sad and lonely for eternity. Is that too much to ask???

  8. Hey Lexi, my wife and I just started reading the vegetarian vampire series. I bet you don’t know this fun fact, but one of mine and travis’s friends from high school Alex Meyer, is the sister in law of Stephanie Meyer (Stephanie married Alex’s brother Poncho). Now that won’t get you or me or travis any autographed copies of the book, or tickets to the movie premier. Anyway, I look forward to reading your post when we get done with the series.

  9. Hey Lexi, this is Ashley Cramer… I TOTALLY agreed with you 100% about the fourth book. So disappointing. It’s not like the whole series was going to turn into some classic literature that people would be talking about for hundreds of years… but at least the first three didn’t make me want to throw up. When she became pregnant I basically wanted to stop reading. The whole thing was just bizarre. So lame.

  10. Yeah, I thought the whole imprinting thing was a little too convenient. I wanted Edward to die. I wanted Jacob to get Bella, but then I really didn’t like Bella all that much either, I just thought he was such a good guy. And I definitely wanted a big fight at the end. Who cares if a few vampires die, they should get there turn sometime.

  11. AMEN TO THAT! I finally got to come back here and read what you thought about it because I FINALLY finished that stupid, stupid book. It took me forever because I hated it, but I kept reading because I wanted to know how it ended–for the sake of talk. Everytime I picked up the book to read more I hoped that everything I had previously read was just a bad dream. It wasn’t. I agree, it sucked. No pun intended.

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