Just Kidding Folks

Lest I be smitten by the hand of my dentist brother in law, I have to say that I’ve given up the dew, too (eek, a rhym, given up dew a s w e l l ?) Heartburn! It’s finally given me heartburn. And some unwanted fat. So, here I go again. In honor of Mandee- I’m giving it up too. It’s a silly thing to drink. Silly. But soooo yummy…. but I’m done this time. Really. Done. After i finish my stash from the fourth. Bleg. I can’t even believe I’m posting this.

4 thoughts on “Just Kidding Folks

  1. OKay I can’t even believe what I am reading! I will check up on you to see how things are going. If you pick up the phone swearing don’t worry about it I will completely understand!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Too funny!!Well I already told you that I can’t drink diet coke anymore! Tastes like crud to me. I guess this explains why I saw you in the liquor store. Now to explain why I was there…..

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