he’s crazy

This is Peyton wearing a cape and … yes… an oven mitt. He wore it EVERYWHERE. To the store. To pick up Carter from school. He’s seriously nuts. I love that kid.

8 thoughts on “he’s crazy

  1. Can I have him? And Casey? And Carter? And Lance? And YOU? Thanks. I miss you guys.I played you at The Price Family sunday dinner last weekend. It was fun until Travis tried to kiss me and Shelby called me a batch.

  2. oh you’ve been initaited into the family, sara! I couldn’t be more happy about that. Do you like lance or like like lance? Because I can fix you up… does it creep you out? I’m just looking for a way to make you a permanent member of the family. I’d say Jamey, but I think you have a better shot at becoming a polygamist than him because he lacks a certain…something…what is that… oh, a soul. I never thought Jamey could do any wrong in my eyes, but if he messes it up with you… it would be it.

  3. Hey I thought I was going to be the 2nd wife? Not because of Lance, although he is a great guy but so we can hang out all day everyday.

  4. problem is your husband…I don’t think ;he’d like it too much. But hey, if he’s on board… you’ll love sara. She’ll do the playing with the kids. She’s way better at it than I am.

  5. Totally. Why can’t he understand our side? Sure polygamy is outlawed and it would eventually result in us killing eachother…but it would be fun for a while, right? Can’t he see that’s worth it?

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