Shelby Tagged Me.

So I guess i’m supposed to answer the same questions as her, but I’m not sure. Maybe it just means that she likes me, either way I’m THRILLED.

Okay, here are ( I wish there was such a thing as the word herer, for here are) the questions (to see why they start out in a different language, you’ll have to visit Shelby’s site):

Hvad lavede du for 10 år siden?
What did you do 10 years ago?

Coincidentally enough, I got in a car wreck that totalled two cars. I did it again (and the first time since, thank you) on Saturday. I HATE CAR WRECKS. I keep having bad dreams. I crashed our car that actually gets good gas milage and doesn’t break down on us every dang month (that’s stupid including our stupid 2007 Honda Odyssey…leeeeemmmmon!) It’s silly to be so attached to a car that had 160,000 miles on it…but those were some great miles! That was the first car Lance and I bought together. We brought all three of our boys home from the hospital in that car. boo hoo me. memememememememe mE!

5 ting på to-do listen i dag
5 things on my to-do list today

my to do list today was HUGE! I paid my 12 year old neighbor to be my slave and help me knock some stuff off of it before my inlaws come in tomorrow:

“get gunger off of table underside, legs and chairs”
“get gunger off of children”
“find out where ‘the funk’ is coming from. get rid of said funk”
“clean out rain gutters” – seriously, they are GROWING folieage! I’ll have to take a picture. I kill everything I plant, but when I don’t clean out my gutters, I actually grow stuff. Awesome. Possum? We have those.
“find a way to mark raccoons so I know who is who”
plus the basic dumb clean clean clean stuff. I hate that stuff.

Snacks jeg kan lide
Snacks I enjoy

I could have copy and pasted shelby’s. She talked about (http://shelbysjourney.blogspot.com) how our Dad used to give us rainbow sherbet ice cream and we’d stir it up to see what color it would turn to- except she said it was just her and travis. i was there, too. i just didn’t make a whole lot of noise, so no one really noticed. I still love rainbow sherbet.

I love the slushy stuff (see the ‘i love’ section down yonder). I think it’s that same reason- something we had when we were little brings us comfort and a sense of safety. Also, whenever we would have it at grandma’s we’d only get a tinsy tiny bit and rarely were given seconds. So I’ve eaten only that for the last four and a half months. That’ll show her.

Ting jeg ville gøre hvis jeg var milliardær
Things I would do if I was a billionaire

Buy a car for my husband. And not just any car. a 1985 Ford LTD- preferably one that didn’t have reverse. My husbands favorite car. That would take car of the first $35. I’d pay off my family’s education debts. I’d buy us a big house that had space for lance’s great grandfather and bribe him to move in with us with season tickets to the football team. which I’d probably have to own. For my husband. And then another wing entirely for my mother. But I’d have it only built to the studs, and make it be her new project to finish.
I’d live closer to family.Either by moving them by me or finding some central location where we all could live and I’d move them and their jobs by me. and mandee. I’d get Jenn Carter a nanny. I’d pay Heather James to come over and entertain me every day. I’d buy Heather Sherwood a gigantic trophy. She deserves a trophy. I’d get Andria Laws a $250,000 gift card to Lowes so she could do everything she wants to with that AWESOME house of hers.

I’d pay for individual families who have children with autism to have exotic getaways. I’d pay for therapy for families like ours- who have too much money to qualify for state aid, but not enough to pay for the serious therapy. I’d get all of those moms maids. and makeovers.

Oh goodness, I could go on and on and on. That’s too easy a question. I’d also buy myself a kitten.

Steder jeg har boet
Places I have lived

Phoenix Az
North Ogden Ut
Ephraim Ut
Logan Ut
Port Orchard Wa
Washington DC
San Diego CA

I hereby ‘tag’ andria laws.

5 thoughts on “Shelby Tagged Me.

  1. omg u guys, i’ve missed u sooooo much! it’s me shelbi!! oh man i miss u guys sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch………………..write bck…… B ❤

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