I Love… Heidi Lynn Schriber!

Okay, so I hsould have posted this like a month ago…but I didn’t want to move down the picture of david cook. i love that boy. not as much as lance, but he’s up there. okay, kidding.

Okay so I love my cousin Heidi. A week before she went in to have major surgery on her face (i can’t imagine a more painful place to get major surgery) she sent me a package filled with scrapping stuff. I’m sToKeD! There is nothing better to send me than this. Between the child with autism and the pain (which has become freakishly bad lately) I don’t get out much. This is a TOTAL escape for me and I can’t thank her enough (which I haven’t, because I’m a PUKE). Anyways, visit her website- she’s an AMAZING scrapbooker and totally funny.


2 thoughts on “I Love… Heidi Lynn Schriber!

  1. I called and Lance said you were out spending all your birthday cash. I hope you bought something wonderful. I miss you. And I love Heidi too, because what and who Lexi loves is what I love.

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