Team Cook or Team Archuletta?

I’m TOTALLY team Cook. I really liked D.A. in the beginning but his “oh my gosh I can’t believe you’re saying nice things about me I think I’m going to cry” thing every week got WAY old. It stopped being sincere to me at about week 2.

I love what D.A. does with his songs. Makes em awesome.

7 thoughts on “Team Cook or Team Archuletta?

  1. We Won, We Won, We Won! Now I am sad it is over, one less mind zapping tv show to watch. Now I have to find something else to turn my brain into mush! Any suggestions?

  2. Archuletta seemed a little too girly to me!Plus he was way short.On a side note, I only watched it halfway through once this year, and it was the 2nd to last episode. Please forgive me for not being a true AI blue blood!I will do better next season!

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