I Love…Mandee Freaking Lott!

I haven’t gotten this on sooner because I know that she doesn’t like this picture…but I have very few of her…I don’t know why we didn’t take ANY with each other?! Probably because we hate our bodies…if only I had known that what I once thought was a fat body, I would kill for now…I digress

I love Mandee. Ever since our first stop at a gas station for a certain bright yellow beverage I knew I had a friend for life. I love Mandee because I can call her after months of not talking and it’ll be like she’s back living here (which I have yet to forgive her for leaving). I love Mandee because I can totally be myself around her, no matter what that is. Even if I’m in a totally bad mood, I can be that around Mandee and she’s still there for me. I love her because of how much she loves my kids. How always wonderful she was with Casey- she never treated him like he was different or hard when he got that way. I love her because she let me sleep in the same bed with her 7 months pregnant in just my underwear because I was so hot. And that was only a little while after we started hanging out. I love her because I can call her when I have nothing to say and we still make a conversation out of it. I love her and I miss her and I’m mad as hell that she moved.

4 thoughts on “I Love…Mandee Freaking Lott!

  1. You are right I hate the picture but because of all the nice things you said you are forgiven! I love and miss you too! And if it makes you feel better I haven’t forgiven Dallan for making me move!

  2. Lexi, this is such a sweet post! It was fun seeing you in Lowe’s, and thanks for taking my boy for the whole day BTW!!PS. I haven’t forgiven Dallan for making you move either, Mandee.

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