I will find ANY WAY to have this chick be a member of our family. If my brother doesn’t end up marrying her, Lance might just have to take on another wife. This is Sara. Casey is an excellent judge of character. Maybe that’s his savant. He adores her. You can tell he loves someone when he wants to be close to them. Here they are asleep on the beanbag.

Sucks that Sara wasn’t allowed to use any of our blankets. We did give her a towel, though.

One thought on “Sara RULES!

  1. HA! Lexi I just started reading your old posts and found this. I can’t even tell you how happy you just made me! I loved spending my spring break with you guys and would come up there again in a heartbeat. Thank you for the time we got to have with you and your family! I love the memories.

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