Catching up

I’m in kind of a funk. I’m just really burnt out on cleaning cleaning cleaning all day everyday to no avail. I knew being a mom was going to be a challenge, but I didn’t realize how big. It’s that time of the month; which partially explains the funk. The neverending physical pain probably explains the rest. Aren’t I a ball of fun!

Carter is such a good boy. He is my big helper in EVERYTHING. He never complains that he has more to do than his little brothers and is so happy to help me. He’s a great big brother. He takes such good care of his brothers and they ADORE him.

Peyton and Casey are best friends. It’s amazing and it’s something that I didn’t even think would happen. From the time Casey gets home from school/therapy everyday he and Peyton are joined at the hip. When he walks in Peyton runs to him and yells “Cakey!” and wraps his arms around him. I was so sad when Casey was diagnosed because I thought it meant that there wouldn’t be that bond that I dreamed about him having with Carter. I didn’t think about what could happen with Casey and Peyton. Peyton and Casey now are about the same as far as development goes…they talk the same, they think the same, they’re into the same shows. I kind of thought that I’d be sad when Peyton caught up with Casey- just because it would be another witness to Casey’s disability- but that’s just not the case. Now he has someone who is on his same level and they teach each other stuff. It’s amazing.

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