It’s been sunny for the last WEEK and so we’ve lived in the back yard. It’s been AWESOME! The boys spend hours out there making forts and riding a little car down the hill into a tree. They spend a ton of time jumping on the trampoline and at night they all crash hard. I can’t wait for summer so they can do this every day! It’s so fun having Peyton be old enough to go back there with them so I don’t have to spend all of my time outside as well. It’s when I catch up (yeah right) on my house, check emails and eat myself into a coma. Lovin’ it.

We’ve been painting all weekend. I finally found the right color of yellow for my walls and now I’m going to do my whole house in it. At least redo the ugly yellows I’ve already done. I have to do it when Lance isn’t home because he’s a little upset about the square footage we’ve lost because of all of the painting I’ve done. I’ll post pictures. Some day.

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